Ideas form and flow when you get a group of people together with strengths and capabilities that compliment and enhance each other.


Concept IDEAS

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Identifying who you are as a brand and defining the people you want to connect with.  Ideas to build real and lasting relationships, interacting with you and your offering.

Design IDEAS

Graphic Design

Creating designs that will appeal, resonate with customers and enhance the stories we tell.


PR, Communications &
Social Media

Telling real stories that will spark interest and spread because of its relevance.  Planting seeds of interest that will grow.

Digital IDEAS

Digital & Web Design

Building dynamic, digital platforms that are accessible and easy to interact with… and to belong to.


We research, we create and we deliver measurable results.


Creating, inspiring & maintaining lasting relationships with common interests.

Ideas form and flow when you get a group of people together with strengths and capabilities that compliment and enhance each other.  And when there is a common goal, the ideas are effective, targeted and measurable.

The Ideation Group were brought together by a shared passion for a new charity, Where there’s a Will.  We teamed up with founders, Pauline and Hilton Carrigan and a small, dedicated committee and board and together we inspired and wove together the Upper Hunter community on an incredible and fulfilling journey that gives us goose bumps each time we connect with it.

This experience taught us the importance of ideas that connect with people in real and inspiring ways, sharing stories that spark interest and pride and create a sense of community and belonging.

We believe it is essential to create opportunities to resonate with customers and communities. Authentic opportunities that will provide long term benefits for long term customers. Opportunities to endorse and spread information, stories and products.

Our team have much in common: each of us with around 20 years of experience in our chosen field, we all moved from capital cities to the Upper Hunter and all of us have big hearts, a professional determination and ideas.

Ideas keep flowing, forming concepts, brands, images, words and most importantly connections that last and work.

We have become the Ideation Group.

Louisa Bragg

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Louisa Bragg is a creative marketer who has worked with teams across Australia and around the world creating innovative ideas to solve marketing problems.  With a knack for drawing stories and ideas from clients, she involves them in their brand journey, connecting with their customers for results they want.

Tammy Selwood

Creative Lead

Tammy is the quintessential creative lead directing innovative visual design solutions for an array of marketing and communications projects. With over 20 years experience she has worked for agencies and design companies both in Sydney and Melbourne, designed campaigns and collateral for diverse brands including major retail brands, the entertainment industry through to corporate and government clients.

Teresa Herbert

Digital Design

Teresa is a web design professional with 18 years experience in the on–line sector. Teresa held a number of corporate positions in Sydney before returning home to the Hunter Valley. With a passion for web design and marketing, Teresa setup her own business and through this business has helped hundreds of small and medium businesses ‘get on–line’.

Polly Yuille

Communications & PR

Polly is a respected communications practitioner with diverse experience gained during 20 years of delivering positive media outcomes for some of the biggest events and largest issues in Australian media. Her strategic communication and public relations skills have helped establish brands, re–build damaged brands and grow brands across a wide range of industries including sport, not–for–profit, agriculture and education.

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