Ideation Group recently produced a prospectus and website, and collaborated with Galloping Media to produce a series of videos to encourage people to move to Scone, work in Scone and for businesses to invest in Scone.

The three mediums focus on LIVE – living in Scone, WORK – working in Scone and INVEST – investing in Scone.  We’re grateful for the willingness and courage from a individuals living in Scone, who we profiled.  We told their story of moving to Scone, and what they’ve taken out as the benefits of being here.

It’s vital that the people we are targeting can relate to the stories we’ve provided and understand that there are significant opportunities in a country town, especially backed by the stability of the largest equine industry after Lexington, Kentucky US.  It doesn’t mean that everything in Scone is about horses, but it does mean that there are stable employment opportunities within the equine industry itself and feeder businesses.

With significant, long term plans for Scone, beginning with renovations to White Park and a bypass to commence this year, the future is exciting.  And for the four of us from Ideation Group, who have moved to Scone from Sydney and Melbourne, it was a great opportunity to contribute to and connect with the local business community.  As a result of our moves, we knew the benefits already but by taking the perspective of other people, all with different stories to tell, the benefits unfolded in a candid, down to earth way that represents the values and people of Scone.

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