Ideation Group has been appointed by the Upper Hunter Shire Council to create a business prospectus for Scone.

Acey - The Herd Store

Acey – The Herd Store

What better place to run this workshop than the outdoors, right in the centre of Scone, in the beautiful garden backing onto The Herd Store.  A great reminder of what we have right here on our doorstep.

Jane Callinan, from the Upper Hunter Shire Council set the scene, welcoming key business representatives from Scone.

Despite being a bit hotter than anticipated, it took us all out of an office environment, supporting us all to think outside the office square.

Louisa Bragg from our own Ideation Group facilitated a workshop to tease out the business brand identity of Scone for the Upper Hunter Shire Council.

We gathered around the garden for a simple but refreshing lunch provided by local caterer, Liza White’s Supervan, while we brainstormed.

Local dairy, Hunter Belle now creates an expansive range of dairy foods, including ice cream.  We served Hunter Belle’s ice cream following lunch, to cool everyone down.

And then Tammy, our Ideation Group creative lead, ducked across the road to Kerv Espresso Bar to provide a caffeine kick for those who needed it.

From these brand foundations we will create messaging which will guide the campaign surrounding the Scone business prospectus.


Jane Callinan – Upper Hunter Shire Council

Hunter Belle’s Ice Cream

Hunter Belle’s Ice Cream

Louisa Bragg - Ideation Group

Louisa Bragg – Ideation Group

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